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Fluid Power Erg-Ski Ergometer

The ski ergometer is designed to withstand high intensity, powerful workouts for your core, arms and back. The ERG facilitates single side, double hand diagonal chopping movements for the advanced functional training athlete.

Fluid Power Press-Squat to Overhead Press Machine

The press enables you to explode with high loads at high speeds, without having the eccentric loading as with most traditional forms of resistance training. The built-in safety feature allows both the athlete competing for peak power and the deconditioned first time participant to achieve their fitness and strength goals without intimidation or injury. 

FDF FluidPowerZone PRESS 3.jpg
FDF FluidPowerZone CLIMBER STEPPER 2.jpg

Fluid Power Zone Climb-Contralateral Full Body Climber

The CLIMB is designed to withstand the most vigorous HIIT workout, also good for warm up's, cool down's and rehabilitation. The CLIMB automatically adjusts to your step height and arm reach requirements. You control the speed, resistance and range of motion to allow you to train in any zone; Cardio, Power, Strength or Speed. 

Fluid Power Zone Cube Ground Based Functional Training Platform 

The Cube is designed to support complex lifting routines without the force of accelerated weight on the way down, providing a suitable workout platform for sports or rehabilitation applications. The CUBE offers all the benefits of a Olympic Bar and Kettlebell training without the associated risks of decelerating or lowering the weights.

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Fluid Power Zone ROW

Fluid Power Row is a high quality commercial grade rowing ergometer with an instant natural catch and smooth consistent feel throughout the whole stroke. The Row will cater for the explosive power of any HIIT workout all day, every day and yet remains silky smooth at any combination of stroke rate and resistance making it suitable for cardio sessions and rehabilitation. 

Fluid Power Zone UBE  Upper Body Ergometer - Arm Cycle 

The Ube is a standing body ergometer, designed to withstand high intensity powerful workouts or silky smooth resistance. The UBE is capable of handling ballistic speeds of HIIT workout and remain consistent at a very low RPM. 

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