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Our Staff


Tanya Caravelli 

Co Founder & General Manager

Hi Everyone, 

 I have been in Health and Fitness for over 25-years. I have owned several Fitness Studios, my specialty in Cardiac Rehab, Senior's  Fitness, Women's Health and Nutrition, I am also a writer and author. 

I work closely with Doctor's and Alternative Medicine Practitioners. 
I went to California State Hayward where I received my ACSM National Certification and completed my exercise physiology courses. I worked for The JCC in Marin in their Cardiac Rehab, Sports Rehab, Stroke patient department for 3-years and learned from the best of the best. I later went on to be a Doctor's Assistant and helped with procedures.
Working with Doctors as a team has been so incredible. To see blood pressure go down, medication be eliminated, Diabetes numbers go back to normal through exercise and nutrition is so rewarding.

This last year has not only given me a whole new outlook on optimum health, but life in general. I have to admit during Covid I felt a sense of dullness, I knew if I was to stay in fitness I needed something new and fresh! A deeper contribution to helping others, a new approach. Low and behold, I met Andy through a mutual business associate. I learned in more detail the cutting edge equipment he had invented and it resonated with me. Along with our mutual desire to help others, prevent injuries and bring a fresh perspective to exercise that was all inclusive to ANY age, fitness level and desired goal. I told him it was a Million Dollar idea and how I could see studios in every state and nationwide. He said he'd love to see it happen. I sent him my proposal and vision and alas our journey began. Things moved quickly, within 3-months we were rolling out our first studio, one of MANY to come.  I am beyond ecstatic, I'm not only feeling inspired, I feel a renewed passion about fitness again. I am so looking forward to creating an incredible fitness experience and connection with all those that become a part of our studios. 


Andy Baxter

Co Founder & Inventor

I have made a career in the fitness business as a trainer, consultant, coach, author, inventor, athlete, and Medical Exercise Specialist for 30 plus years.

In 2014 I was coaching a strength training clinic for Olympian and Hall of Fame rower Jim Dietz's All American Rowing camp. After the camp was over and the athletes had all left, just the coaches remained in the weight room. The unanimous lament of these collegiate crew coaches was this; how can we get our athletes quickly and efficiently up to speed on the dynamic qualities of Olympic lifting without completely beating them up or, worse, injuring them? This is especially relevant in the world of rowing as the mechanics of the deadlift/high pull complex are practically identical to the rowing stroke, only one is vertical and the other is horizontal.

I told Jim that I was going to create a solution for him within a year. Thus began the development of the Fluid Power Cube. And it took me two years.

By 2016, I had a couple of working prototypes in hand. While at the Los Angeles IHRSA show I ran into an old rowing buddy and competitor Charlie Adams from the UK. He was working with an Australian company with a patented adjustable fluid resistance tank they were using on rowing machines. The very instant I tried it I knew that this was a perfect match. Charlie introduced me to owner Nick Driscoll, a British expat living in Perth. I promised him that, if he would send me a couple of tanks, D'miles and I would re-engineer the Cube and show him a product that he could get excited about. We did and he was!

From there everything took off at lightning speed. I was flying back and forth from Ashland, Oregon to the FDF factory in Taiwan as we developed the Fluid Power Zone line. We officially launched Fluid Power Zone right back at IHRSA Los Angeles in 2017.

2017-2018 was a blur of a round the world Fluid Power Zone tour, teaching master classes across the globe; China, France, Singapore, Australia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Russia, and of course here in the States. Fluid Power Zone is now utilized in myriad applications in over 20 countries - sport performance, neuro and orthopedic rehab, youth activity, senior living/long term care facilities, and everything in between.

What you have before you in the Fluid Power Zone Fitness HIIT program is the culmination of this story; Safely applying Peak Power. Every set. Every rep. Every time.

Andy Baxter, MES PRCS

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