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General Programs

Our Programs work well for all Fitness Levels. If you're wanting to get back in shape after not having exercised in awhile and need a supportive, safe routine then we're the place for you. If you are active yet feel you need something new and innovative with the assistance to bring you to that next level and attain your even greater goals we can't wait to help you! The beauty of the Fluid Power Zone Formulated machines is that it progresses you as your ready to progress while being a preventive injury approach. 

Seniors Programs

Our equipment was not only created to help Olympic Athletes train at their peak performance, it was also created for rehabilitation from injuries. With such great success our equipment has been placed in Hospital settings and Rehabilitation facilities. It has been especially beneficial to the Senior market. Our Programs are specially formated to meet the needs and goals of our seniors. We focus on Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Cardio. Our Certified expert trainers are versed in training with this demographic and are here to assist, guide, and support you the whole time. Please ask about our discounted Senior Rates. 

Sports Specific Programs

We work closely with local teams, schools and sport specific groups. Fluid Power Zone Fitness enhances and benefits every sport. We specialize in helping athletes excel and take you to the next level of Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, and Mobility. Our machines were created to enhance your sport and are divised for preventative injury. So you can push yourself to your max level safely while avoiding, over-stressing or injuring your body.  All of our Trainers are experts in Sports Specific Training and can see a weak area, knowing just the right level to push you all the while enhancing your strong areas.

Our Consumers

Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Redwings, Robert Downey Jr., (Brad Bose PHD-Downey Exchange) Kate Beckinsale, Lindsey Vonn, Martin Kove (Cobra Kai), JaVale McGee (NBA Player) Top Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson-Beverly Hills, Numerous Military Bases, throughout the US, Star Physical Therapy-Tennessee, Whistler High Performance Training Centre, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Our Partners

Check out our Partners and receive discounts as a Fluid Power Zone Member 

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