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Our Services

We offer Small Group Training and Private One-on-one Personal Training. Our Programs are catered to your individual needs and goals. The uniqueness of our water based resistance equipment is that it works for all fitness levels and progresses you safely. Our Trainers are all Certified and specialized in working with previous injuries as well as getting the elite athlete to the next level. 


Our Small Group sessions run for 30-minutes with 4-6 people. There are 6-scientifically formulated machines in the circuit. For those that would like to enhance their cardio and strength we have a separate room with rowing machines and free weights that you're welcome to use.

FPZ Small Group Training 2x's a Week 

$45-a session

FPZ Small Group Training Unlimited Package 

$30-a session

FPZ Private Partner Training

Private 30 - Minute Training

$65-a Session 

Private 60 - Minute Training -

$125-a Session 

FPZ Small Group Training 3x's a Week 

$40-a session

FPZ Private One- on -One Training

Private 30 - Minute Training -

One-on-One $55- a Session

Private 60 - Minute Training -

One-on-One $90- a Session

FPZ Discounts 

FPZ offers 15% discounts to Seniors, Military and Teachers.

What Our Clients Say

David P.

FPZ gives me a really convenient and beginner-friendly way to squeeze a super effective exercise routine into my week.
The machines are adjustable and designed with recovery and physical therapy in mind, so I was able to start off easy and learn the basics, and then slowly increase resistance as I made progress.
Tanya is a great trainer and adds a custom exercise into each session to fit my goals. The focus on core movements is great for counteracting the damage of hunching over a computer all day, while 3 months in I'm definitely noticing my tshirts getting tighter in the arms and chest, and looser at the belly.
Half an hour, three times a week is surprisingly effective. (Especially compared to the zero exercise I was getting before.)

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